Standard Buzz

Standard Buzz
When it comes to fishing buzz baits, Dick's Pro Style Lures offers the fisherman a choice no one else can. With the "Heli - Buzz" buzz bait, a Dick's Pro Style Lures innovation in 1985, you can bump the stumps and let the lure slowly helicopter down causing a flash that a bass just can't resist. We also offer our standard buzz baits and specialty buzz baits including our Quad Buzz and Flat Head buzz bait. The Quad Buzz bait features a 4 blade aluminum blade with a unique flat head design to help the buzz bait get on top of the water faster and with less effort from the fisherman. All our buzz baits are built with the same high quality as our spinner baits and all feature the Lazer Sharp Eagle Claw extended shank hooks. Clackers are available on all buzz baits, except the Heli - Buzz.

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