Dick Appel founder and innovator of Dick's Pro Style Lures shows off a nice Bass caught on a slider jig rigged with a Plum/Pearl Disk worm.

Castleberry1 Castleberry2.jpg
Blake Castleberry with a 10.4 monster Blake Castleberry with a 9.8 lunker  

Ron Smyer with a 11+ Bass caught on the Clown Rattleshad at Sam Rayburn - May 2010, This 8 lb walleye measured 27 3/4 inches was caught at Scott Lake by 10 year old Logan Champlin on May 25th.

Dick Appel with a 6+ Bass at Lake Allen Henry May 2007.  Dick caught it on his new Swim-n-Jig.  Yep, it was a Gold & White! Ron Smyer with a nice Bass caught on the new Swim-n-Jig at Ute Lake - May 2007.  They like white over there. Ron Railsback with a 6 pounder caught a Lake McKenzie 2007.  Ron caught it on a Fire-Tiger Gunslinger Jig.

Terry Golay with his 22 inch Walleye caught at Canton lake in Okla. Caught
on a White slab.

Johnny Crossland III admires a 6.5lb. bass caught on a mean green neon 4-inch disk worm at Lake Amistad.  "We tried a lot of different baits, mostly soft plastics and caught a lot of bass but the big ones were caught on old faithful Mean Green Neon."

Andrew Petroski says that Dick's lures don't just catch bass, but work great on other fishy species like the 6 lb. walleye on the left.  And, the sand bass (White Bass) on the right was caught on a Triple Threat which is known for producing some really big bass.  Yep, we can't believe Andrew took the picture of that lil baby either, but Dick's lure looks great.



Thought I'd send you a picture of my Triple Threat Pike. - Sue

Jim Maxfield with a nice bass caught at Alan Henry lake on 3-27-04.  Jim caught the fish on a white single spin willowleaf Shaderbait.  The bass was 24 inches long and 18 and 3/8 inches in girth. It weighed 10lbs 14 ounces.


Mike McVey shows off a 4.14 at The Outlaws Fall tourney caught on a Dick's Disc Worm.  Try to smile there a lil Mike! John Crossland caught these nice bass at Amistad lake in Del Rio Texas on Dick's 4 inch disk worms.   Weight:   5 & 8


Dennis Edmonds, a tournament angler from Centennial Colorado, shows off a fish caught on Lake Caspe in Spain while pre-fishing for the 2002 European Championships.  The fish Weighed 4 lbs and was caught on a Chart/white Slo-Roller.  Dennis was also the ABA division 61 angler of the year for 2003.

Kirk Kerbo shows off a nice bass caught on a Dick's 4 inch disk worm

Michael Joseph McGrath, Staff Sergeant, United States Marine Corps says, "Again...another happy customer....ME!!!!!".  Sergeant McGrath nailed these bass (the one on the left was a 6 pounder) with one of Dick's Triple Threat spinnerbaits.  I wonder if he knows the Triple Threat was designed by a Navy guy?  HOOYAH!! Mike.

"We had a small tourney last week. Not a whole lot going on, but I managed one that went 4.5 to win the small pot for the day."  Said Marine Corps Staff Sergeant Mike McGrath.  Sergeant McGrath shows off a couple of nice early-year fish.  Hey Tim - wake up!!


Ken Miller, tournament angler, with a 4 lb 10 ounce smallie caught in August on Lake St Clair in Mi.   Yep,  Dick's Pro Style Lures strikes again! Ken Miller, tournament angler, with a  pair of really nice bass caught on Dick's Triple Threat.   You can check out this lure in the on-line catalog.  

Ken Miller & Matt Shreve with 4 of a 5 fish limit (21-1/2 lbs.) from a Sept. '03 tournament on Lake St. Clair in Michigan.

Arlen Young  of Garden City shows us two nice bass taken from Clark County Lake & Cedar Bluff.  In Photo # 1, caught at Clark County Lake with a Dick's Deep Diver (Spring Craw) Oct. 2001 7.6lbs.  In photo # 2,  caught at Cedar Bluff with a Dick's Do-Rite Lizard (Watermelon/Chartreuse neon tail) in July 2001. 8.3 lbs.  By the way,  he also makes a good pot 'o beans.

Arlen Young strikes again with a goodun !!  Caught in June on a Do-Rite lizard (watermelon with chart/neon tail) at Scott Lake State Park 23 inches long and weighed 8 lbs and 4 ounces.

Dan Steinwand beams as he shows this nice 7 pounder
he caught on a 3/8 ounce blue & chartreuse buzz bait.
R. C. Leonard shows off this nice 6 1/2 pounder caught on a chartreuse & blue Dick's Pro Style Lures Buzz Bait.

Josh Chambers uses Dick's lures to rack 'em up!

John Beyke & Howard Sheley rack 'em up at Norton Lake

max.jpg (83127 bytes)

CODY PIERCE & HIS M-Junior World Record,
17.05 lbs., 3/22/2000.
  California kid can catch 
bigguns too!! Read more about this amazing 
young man
here!  The Pierce's have decided 
to donate the tackle Cody was using, when he
 made this world record catch, to the IGFA 
Museum in Dania Beach, Florida.
Max McCrummen - Amarillo, Texas - 7.50 lbs. caught and released at Ute Lake, New Mexico.

Floyd.jpg (42781 bytes)

Floyd Lott - Pampa, Texas - 7.95 lbs. caught and released at Lake Greenbelt June 6th 1999.  Floyd is a member of the Top of Texas Bassmasters - the oldest continuous B.A.S.S. club in the state of Texas.

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TERRY HOLLAN Fishing with Dick's Pro-Style Lures

GARY CARTER   "Bass and friends!!"